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Especially for the rural community

CBD Painters specialises in a number of different areas - and one of these is in painting for the farming sector.

It's not always easy to get painters to work more than 30 minutes travel out of their home town area - and when they do, it is usually with a travel cost that is reflective of the journey and the time involved getting to and from, as well as accomodation if required. If a job is going to take three weeks, that travel cost can mount up to a considerable sum. 

CBD Painters offers farmers and lifestyle block residents a unique service in that our painters have access to an onsite caravan that is comfortably fitted out and entirely self-sufficient including its own cooking and bathroom facilities. All that's needed is access to a mains power outlet and cold water.

For the more remote rural areas, this service is very successful as it means the cost of getting houses, sheds, implement buildings etc painted is not going to be at an exorbitant cost just to get the painter onsite. Outside of weekends, we are there every day, weather permitting, until the job is complete.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need a quote, some of New Zealand's largest farming operations are already using CBD Painters.

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