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There are always questions to answer when it comes to painting and decorating - here's just a few.

Q. Why should I use a tradesman Painter?

A. Trade painters are qualified tradespeople – they have been taught not only how to correctly use the many different kinds of painting and decorating applications there are, they also are taught to identify correctly what applications may have been used previously that can make a real difference on the expected lifespan of a product that is being considered for reapplication; how to prepare surfaces for applications to give a good finish that will last and more importantly, how to give a quality finish.

Q. Why are there so many differences in prices in the quotes I have got for my job?

A. There are many levels of painters out there and there is truth in the saying that you will get exactly what you pay for. Preparation is everything; if a painting or decorating job is to last a long time, the surfaces must be well cleaned, repaired if needed and properly prepared for whatever application is being put on - and to be sure you can or should paint the surface. Some painters do not have the skills or experience to do this and will literally just paint over the required surfaces – which in all likelihood will begin to flake, bubble or peel within a short time frame. The same applies to the type of paint that is used by your contractor – quality paints cost more, but will last far longer than those that are not. Be sure to ask your contractor what brand of paint they use. If you choose price over quality, be prepared to accept that it will cost you a lot more than the original price to get a qualified tradesperson to fix the problem a cheaper cowboy has created for you.

Q. I have an old house and am not sure what paint I should use.

A. Older properties have a number of possible problems that mean it is imperative you get good advice from a master tradesperson. These include the possibility of lead-based paint having previously been applied, which must be removed prior to repainting. The removal of this is dangerous to both tradespeople and people living in or working around the property while it is happening. Having an experienced master tradesperson ensures this is done correctly and with safety under OSH requirements to all concerned. The same applies to old asbestos based ceilings which still exist today. Even revarnishing older surfaces is an exacting job to get the proper full finish done correctly and in cases like these, you really need to be certain of the qualifications and experience that your contractor brings to the job.

Q. I'm worried about my carpet and furnishings while I get my house repainted.

A. A good tradesperson always works with the safety of their clients and their possessions in mind. Good quality dropsheets purpose-made for any decorating project should be used at all times, covering both the floor and any furnishings that have not, or cannot be, removed. You would expect to see a master painter using protective film on many surfaces and this includes shielding brickwork that is close to a painted surface. There is no excuse for paint splatters, spray drift or drips on any surface not intended for painting. As with all reputable painting contractors, CBD Painters carries Public Liability Insurance.

Q. I paid for the paint in the contract, do I get what is leftover?

A. Yes you do – after all, you have paid for it. And there may be times when a surface gets marked at a later date, where a touch up is required, so the remaining paint comes in handy. The same applies for any left over wallpaper.

Q. What am I paying for exactly?

A. Quotes that are given out by CBD Painters include the labour cost, any materials that are needed – as well as paint and wallpaper, this includes such items as plaster, pastes, specialist wallpaper coatings, gap fillers, sandpaper, protective film and other sundry items necessary to complete a job. It also includes the use of the equipment required to complete the work and any travel costs. 

Q. I have a commercial building with tenants and it needs painting - but not during working hours.

A. That's fine. Our team are there to work whatever hours are necessary to get the job jone with as minimal effect on tenants as possible. We do work outside normal working hours to help get the job done well, you just have to let us know at quotation time.

Q. I have a job that needs doing, but there is no power, will that matter?

A. CBD Painters does carry generators as part of our plant if they are required.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

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