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CBD Painters offers a wide range of services

CBD Painters offers a wide range of services – our tagline “Can Be Done” says it all. From airless spraypainting, concrete waterproofing and client-specified product application in all aspects of painting and paperhanging in both interior and exterior areas, there’s not a project across the Waikato, Bay of Plenty or further afield we can’t handle, from a small home to a multi-storey office block.

The quality work that is a renowned hallmark of Ken Carston is reflected in his choice of top tradesmen and subcontractors he has available for any sized project. His unique way of wanting only the best in their field means that he is able to call on excellent subcontractors at any time, as well as employing only the best tradesmen, so when asked “How many painters?”, his stock answer is “As many as it takes to get the best job done in the required time frame.”

The painter and decorator responsible for the Master Builders Home of the Year in 2001, Ken demands the same high standard from his team as he does of himself.

All equipment is of high quality and is OSH approved with all project work carried out over and above the legislative guidelines in terms of Health and Safety for both his team and clients. 

Past performances

Within his own company, or whether working for others on a subcontracting (or other) basis, Ken has had involvement in many commercial projects.

From banks to supermarkets, business office blocks to schools and many homes, Ken has a solid reputation for providing a peerless finish no matter what the project. This includes long-term experience in the field of studio vinyl, a skill hard to find in today’s times.

Get to know us!

Please don’t hesitate to talk to any of us at any time – we are here to offer you the best possible job, with full guarantees at very competitive prices. We are proactive on tendering lists and will be just as active in providing project management companies and construction and building companies with a competitive edge when it comes to painting and decorating across the board.

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